Everyday is different but this is not quite a satisfactory answer for anyone who hasn't been here and so I thought it would be nice to give a little insight about a typical random day at Kuckucksmuehle as a project manager and community member.

There is no alarm clock, I wake up naturally at 09:30 and turn around to look at the sky outside the window. It's cloudy, I knew that it would be as I had checked the weather the day before when we wanted to make a bonfire in the yard. I flick my phone to life and have a cursory look at my emails and then messages on social media. Nothing too riveting. I decide to do a little computer work for an hour and answer some emails, update some tickets and assign some work. Cuddle the cat until she is sick of it and starts to bite.

11:30 Breakfast in bed. Today muesli, chocolate cereal with rice milk.

noon. Franz and me talk a little about a planned trip to the CCC in Leipzig and the upcoming trip to Munich to pick up my dogs. New vacuum cleaner is delivered, Franz assembles it and starts vacuuming the room, the cat freaks out...

13:00 I take the cat downstairs, talk about the assigned work to the volunteer, clean the cat litter, collect fresh eggs from the chickens, fetch wood for the fire, start fire in the kitchen to dry the elderberries, making bread dough using the much appreciated knowledge learned from Regina, putting the laundry in the washing machine (there is an ever growing mountain of laundry in the bathroom) sigh. Tidy up the kitchen a little and sit down for a moment to write on the blog. Petteri tells me the jars of elderberries mousse seem to be leaking, I go mop up the mess and try to find out which one is the problem, I notice now some don't seem to be sealed properly, not a good sign. They will have to be reheated and resealed and hopefully they haven't already been spoiled.

Had the weather been better I would have been more motivated to plant the strawberries, they need to be done by Monday. Instead I want to document the bread making on the wiki, I end up also updating other pages. The cat takes advantage and I turn into a cat bed for a few hours.

I stretch my legs and go out to move the laundry under the wood shelter before it gets wet again with the rain.

Keeping the fire going in the kitchen and writing documentation fills the afternoon until 18:00 and then we go for a walk, on the way out a couple of people from Cool Muehle stop by for a visit so we take them around the garden and we have a chat about what is going on. We are also invited at the weekend to go see the juicing and bring our own fruit for juicing. Our apples aren't quite ready for that yet but it would be nice to go there for a visit.

With the weather being so wet and humid the meadow is full of good mushrooms, they are not very tasty but a good source of protein. We fill the basket and I make plans for dinner.

I get going with making dinner starting with chopping garlic. We eat tons of garlic here and for good reasons, it is tasty and keeps us healthy.

Just after dinner we get started on the powerplant weekly meeting. As I curl on the couch I feel cold and get up to feed the fire a little more.

The meeting is around an hour, I am tired and a little grumpy. It's 22:30 and I am nearly ready to call it a day. Luna the cat is alive and running around madly and we hear a squeak... could this be her 11th mouse catch?