written by Lydie Bahjejian

It’s December, winter and Christmas soon… So Aimee decided that Sunday was a perfect day to go to the well known Wittstock Christmas market. Maybe also because it was the last day. I don’t like Christmas markets but was curious to know about it. Franz was not so keen about it and asked us to hide the Christmas candies if ever we bought some because theyre so sugary that he was going to have an insulin shock.

So we went the three of us: Aimee, me and Jordi, another volunteer. They told me that the place was well known in Germany and I imagined many crowded buses leaving Berlin with excited inhabitants eager to visit the place. But the reality was quite different. Indeed, we were not that sure that we were in the right place because there was no indication and the place was not crowded, at all. Finally, we reached it, the christmas market. Very very small Christmas market. There were maybe as many visitors as sellers. You could buy these horrible sweets plates (you know, with something written on it), some meat and hot wine, of course. After a quick look, we went to the indoor christmas market, in the townhall. Nice german grandmas were selling DIY creations, some quite beautiful but no way I could buy anything big because that wouldn’t fit in my backpack. And then, I saw them, my beautiful socks. With grandma colors, of course. But that morning, I just realized 3 of my 4 pairs of socks had holes. So I bought two pairs with strange colors but surely made with german love.

There were also people selling german books. For a small price, you could buy a pile of cheap love novels with evocative pictures of cute women with sexy bayerisch outfits. Easy to read german, perfect for me. But I already got some at the free Phone-box-free-bookshop close to Kuckucksmuhle. :)

As we reached the exit, my eyes landed on the stand of cakes. “Oh my god, delicious german cakes, like in the Konditorei”, this place that doesn’t really exist although we’ve been taught at school that it was as common as bakeries in France. So for 1 euro, I bought a piece of promising cake, with chocolate and cream. I reached the “not so vegetarian” Aimee and Jordi, who were buying a little piece of bread with a large piece of pork. And then, I realized that the cake was with banana (I’m not so keen of banana cakes), lots of sugar (I don’t eat sugar any more so it felt like eating pure sugar) and lots of milk (I try to avoid that). The piece of cake was small, hopefully.

Sorry for the readers but I didn’t take any picture of this memorable day. But it’s still time to take picture from what I did after and was at least as exciting as a Christmas market : mop the floor of the kitchen and the bathroom and tried to be helpful in emptying the dishwasher, participating in the dinner preparation and refill the wood stove.

The sun set on Kuckucksmuhle, the four chickens went to sleep, the dogs tried to sneak in the house (with no success), and we all shared a delicious meal prepared by the excellent cook Jordi. I can’t remember what it was, maybe the delicious potato lasagnas, or the curry rice, or the fried potatoes. Year, I’m the one who’s a potato lover. Maybe they will start a no-potato diet when I’m gone.

The day is almost over for me. But surely not for most of the inhabitants, who were probably watching movies in the living room! I reached my favorite chinese app (Du Chinese) to improve it before the big trip to Taiwan, the 1st february 2017.