Today is Saturday, 26.05.2018. I have slept a little bit longer than the days before. I think maybe I get used to the new surroundings. I went to the kitchen and found someone there. Normally I'm the first one , who gets up, because I have to feed the 4 ducks and three chickens. So I was a little bit late. The animals greeted me with their typical noises and wanted the extra corn food and the compost food from the kitchen.

Around noon a group of a nearby local people arrived here to take a look at the Kuckucksmühle.

As Aimee and Franz guided them through the property of the Kuckucksmühle, they came to the Mandala Garden, where I was fertilizing the plants. It was stinky and exhausting to carry the watering cans to every of the many beds, but I was happy to get the job done. I hope my work helps the plants to grow strong. Before the group arrives Aimee and another volunteer planted some new plants in some free spots in the mandala garden beds, so I could give the plants immediately some nutrients and moisture.

During the days I looked here and there for some jobs. Martin and me chopped some wood, because we were going to bake some garlic bread in th old bakery. Later I helped Franz building a protection tent for a bed with pumpkin plants in it, so the ducks and chickens can't eat them, when the fencing area
is going to be extented.

Around 8 p.m. we started to heat the bakery oven. About an hour later, we were eating some very tasty garlic bread and some nice selfmade salad.

Saturated with food, we decided to watch the almost full moon
with my binoculars, I brought from home. Then we started to hunt some werwolves with the help of a card game.