Hello all :-) summer is here and June has been super busy...

In the garden:

We are harvesting already mangold, strawberries, garlic, potatoes, borage, radish and peas. Apart from what gets eaten during the harvesting we are logging. In exchange for some work I got organic seeds for radish, spinach and carrots which I planted. The weather has turned and we have more rainfall which saves us from watering from the ground water.

We bought a secondhand water pump to access other water sources to alleviate the reliance on the current source but we still need to install it.

Our farm animals:

Dogs - Black had mange, we treated this to avoid the parasites from spreading to Podha and Moomoo, luckily he got better and looks fine. The dogs have been getting on well together. Podha's infatuation with Black continues on and off and Moomoo hasn't been too annoyed with Podha lately. We also had Lillah over for a weekend and it was nice to see all 4 dogs getting on well together.

Chickens - Chickpea also had parasites which we treated. The chickens are doing well and one of them even tries to hatch some duck eggs - fingers crossed

Cats - Luna had five cute kittens, two will stay here and the other three will be adopted to nice homes

Ducks - Kiwi has been breeding so we try and hatch the eggs...mangold (chicken) is sitting on the duck eggs - we hope for the best - we also found out that Kiwi is not coming back to the coop at night which might mean she is sitting on a pile of eggs hidden in the long nettles, let's see how many ducklings we get out of this

Rabbits - We welcome home Van Halen, Anna Conda, Max and another yet to be named rabbit they are quite friendly. If you haven't sponsored a rabbit you are still in time :-) €10 and you get to name it.


We were asked if we wanted to harvest sweet cherries by a connection from our neighbours which resulted in 14kgs of produce, we made cherry juice and jam. The cost in time though is very high. It would be faster if we had better equipment for the job but we do the best we can. We also got sweet cherries from the neighbour which we froze for the winter.

Other neighbours also donated cherries and rucola from their garden which we ate with our dinner, we also got loads of berries from grandma and mixed with the last of our strawberries we made red fruits jam.

Room rentals:

The small room was rented out for a couple of nights and we made a little income. It may seem like this isn't a big news but actually this came from a referral through our local community which then led to a second booking. The room rental is €15 per person per night, it includes use of the kitchen and access of the communal areas. Feel free to recommend us to your friends :-)

Other income:

We had a day of manual labor and made €160 for our efforts, basically we dug a trench where it wasn't possible to do this by machinery. We also got lunch and cake and made a good connection for horse manure (without antibiotics). Some of the money will be spent on working gloves which we desperately need and the rest will go towards the usual project expenses.

We need / want:

  • a functioning chainsaw
  • bedsheets (used are ok but without holes)
  • bed side tables
  • bed side lamps
  • curtain railings (wood)

Click here for the full list.

EHF Labs: Fünfseen

The melons are progressing well, the plants are climbing and some have started to flower. I have lost Martin's time as he found paid work, so I am hoping for more assistance in the coming weeks.

Upcoming events:

Please be aware that July is super busy as we increased the number of volunteers from 3 to 6 so be prepared to potentially camp or sleep in the attic if you come for a visit. Also please stick with event weekends for visiting when you can :-)


freeCodeCamp: 10th & 24th July - 4pm till 6pm - no booking needed

Weekend deceleration: 13th to 15th July - please book we will be getting wood from the forest during this weekend

Free Market Sundays: 15th July - 1pm till 4pm - no booking needed

Young Coders Camp: 18th July to 25th July - fully booked (please avoid these dates for visiting unless you want to run a coding / open source workshop for the kids)


IT Meetup: 3rd to 5th August - please book

freeCodeCamp: 7th & 21st August - 4pm till 6pm - no booking needed

Weekend deceleration: 10th to 12th July - please book

Free Market Sundays: 12th August - 1pm till 4pm - no booking needed

Silent Meditation Retreat: 24th - 26th August

Much love

Aimee xx