March was quite a quick month at least for me since I was away for 2 weeks in Malta. Nevertheless, life goes on and here's what has gone on and what's coming up next.


Volunteers & visitors

We welcomed Cristian, Anna, Indra and Beatrice and said goodbye to Luiz, Rebecca, Scott, Anna, Indra and Christian. We were also happy to have Ben, Christian, Martin, Miriam & Marcus for a visit.

Scott wrote a great post about his experience.

We also had a short but well appreciated quiet period with no volunteers and visitors, perfect to recharge our batteries.

Tech & Prototypes

The automated dog feeder needs a little more work so that the dogs use it as it should be. At the moment Podha is too scared of it and the others and not using the pedal to open it.

In the greenhouse I installed a temperature sensor in the hopes that I can monitor the temperatures during the night and decide when it is warm enough to start using the greenhouse for the plants. During the first seployment of plants I lost a few due to the frost so the plants have been returned to the bathroom until I find a good solution to alert me of cold weather conditions. If you want to help me please let me know, I would be grateful. Ideally the signal from the sensor should not only be displayed but recorded and an alert sent by email when the temperature is below 10 degrees celcius.

News from the garden, the greenhouse

indoor plants

We fenced the herb garden and the square bed in the yard so that the dogs can't continue digging in these areas.

In the square yard I planted sugarpeas, blackroot, onions, flowers, parsley, wild rucola and winterpostelein.
The garlic from previous years has also come back.
We laid down new paths and weeded the bed.

In the herb garden we planted parsley. The mint and chives are already coming back from the previous years.

In the garden I planted onions, sunflowers and pumpkins.

We constructed a new bed for the beans, a bed for cucumbers and another for pumpkins and weeding has been ongoing all month.

We have started to transplant the strawberries off the paths so there are some plants available if you would like some.

Harvesting / Eating

We are coming to the end of the pumpkins that we harvested in October. The freezer is well stocked with frozen chopped pumpkin to be used in the next weeks / months. It remains by far our most successful crop when taking into account energy and effort to produce it.

With spring here we have started harvesting greens for the chickens, mainly nettles, chickweed, dandelion and deadnettle which now colours patches in the garden and around the place. Some of these even made it into a salad. The first wild garden salad this year.

I look forward to many to come in the next weeks.

Last winter we didn't have sufficient dried herbs so I plan to start drying early this year so we won't need to buy any shop bought tea for the rest of the year.


Now that the dorm renovation is finished and the room can accomodate 5 people the other 2 rooms will be spruced up a bit and hopefully we can use these for some income generation / rooms for visitors.

We are still missing some items to make the rooms more homely but we are well on our way.

Farm animals

Unfortunately one of the ducks broke a leg and died a few days later. Sad.

All the other animals are doing well and we seem to have a return visit from a young family of racoons on top of the heating room which causes the dogs quite a bit of frustration.

Needs & Wants

Thinking about spring cleaning? Good because we need tons of stuff :-D

If you have something that you may think is useful but not on our list, ping us an email!

Visiting and Volunteering

We are happy if you want to come and help with the ongoing garden work, upkeep of the house and other projects even if it's only for a weekend. Volunteering let us know your dates and we can check our calendar.


Below you'll find a run down of all the events happening online and onsite at the mill during April, May & June for your calendars.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the events or even suggestions for topics for the events we have already listed below.

Onsite at Kuckucksmühle:

Important: In order for us to plan sleeping spaces, food etc. please book your space by email.


5th to 7th - IT meetup
12th to 14th - Weekend Deceleration
9th 4pm to 6pm
23rd 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


3rd to 5th - IT meetup
17th to 19th - Weekend Deceleration
21st 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


7th to 9th - IT meetup
4th & 18 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
14th to 16th - Weekend Deceleration


11th April @8.30pm to 10pm
16th May @8.30pm to 10pm
13th June @8.30pm to 10pm
Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

9th April @4pm to 6pm
23rd April @4pm to 6pm
21st May @4pm to 6pm
4th June @4pm to 6pm
18th June @4pm to 6pm

Much love
Aimee xx

p.s. funding change

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