As the weather gets colder and the frost season has started we take a good hard look at our dry wood supply and decide to stop procrastinating.

We burn through quite a lot of wood and it is important to keep replenishing the wood pile as the wood needs at least a couple of years to dry sufficiently before burning. Chopping wood is no easy task, it takes many hours of chainsawing and moving wood around. It would be even harder though without the splitter. It's a machine that basically splits the wood with hydrolic force.

The machine itself is owned by a group of people from here including us and so we have it for a few days to get our stuff done.

We are lucky, the weather is cold but not rainy. Franz has already done quite a lot of work with the chainsaw and so we move the machine on the peninsula so we can cut these on site. Everyone gets a tutorial on how to use the machine safely, Jordi seems to have taken a shine to it. And so it starts, many journeys to and fro with the wheelbarrow full of wood that needs to be stacked. The wood shelter is a little fuller after 5 hours of that we stopand have a very well earned hot plate of soup.

This week we continue, there is quite a lot more wood to get done until we need to return the machine.