One of our visitors who was couchsurfing for a couple of days got to see our donation box in action when we happened to be hosting someone who arrived with nothing but the clothes on their back. By having people leave their unwanted clothes and personal hygiene products, shoes, scarves etc. we were able to put together an outfit for him and he was able to have a hot shower and clean clothes and a towel he could take away with him.

Anything that's left after visitors is put into the box and in a designated area for people to reuse. The idea is to reduce waste and encourage others to give away to others rather than creating waste.

She left here inspired by the donation box and was able to convince a hostel she stayed at in Malaga to start their own, imagine how many people will see that donation box and perhaps get inspired to start their own or even others elsewhere. This is the sort of impact that makes a real difference and encourages us to keep going.