As a 1st time attendee I was greatly impressed by this large scale event. Not only the scheduled talks are interesting but the big areas reserved for participate were truly impressive. Equipped with projectors, mics and practically everything we needed to present the project to anyone interested in it.

But first we attended the annual hackbases meeting hosted by cht. It was good to meet people from other communities and hear about their projects. These included: Technologia Incognita, Food hacking base and

It was possible to self organise an event on site without the need to bother anyone, simply registering on the wiki, checking which rooms are available and create the event. There was even an app developed where one could look at all the events ongoing throughout the days of the conference.

We decided to have our presentation on the last day, the slides are available here. We had 30 minutes packed full of info about the projects and what we are doing and trying to achieve.

The nice people who attended had very good questions for us and I would like to address them in maybe an FAQ page on the wiki. Mostly about property ownership, land size per capita and sustainability. Difficult questions. I like that about this crowd. Someone asks how to go about starting one of these projects, getting the people together first or starting and wait for others to join it, again there is no right order to this madness. one could do it either way.

I felt very inspired by the event and next year if we have stuff to show to the world we could apply for an assembly area (tables and chairs in the hackcenter), I am sure the popcorn machine would be appreciated there.

The idea to offer the facility for self organising events providing the right infrastructure to do is brilliant and perhaps something we can adopt for our hack center and during the festival.

Do you want to talk to us more about the project or have any questions? Ping us an email.