January was quite a hard month, we had some stressful days with Gert having to spend time at the hospital and the heating system giving us more problems however there was also some good progress made.


We welcomed Scott and Jennifer and reluctantly said good bye to David and Tanya from theglobalhobos.com who made a lovely video of their experience, I am looking forward to it being published. We are truly grateful for all the work that they did here and their friendship and support.


The heating pipe was installed in the dorm, loamed over and now we have to finish off the work with loaming the odd bits straight and painting the wall.

muddy mess

a bit less mess

House on the left
We started planning some major renovations to the house on the left. Mainly to fix the ever deteriorating state of the roof at this stage.

After consulting professionals we are also told that we have to replace a large number of beams on three sides of the building. The work is expected to last 6 to 8 weeks, when we know more details we will let you know how you can help with this.

pet corner

All the cats have been spayed, they have recovered nicely from their operations and now we don't have to worry about an invasion of a million unwanted kittens ... oh wait, nevermind.


From the garden

I was feeling optimistic and started some plants indoors. You can follow the indoor experiments here.


Garden planning is still ongoing and I have more of that scheduled for the weekend, if anyone would like to join me ping me an email, I can be on mumble and explain the process. If you want to come and help me do it live then that's also good since it's deceleration weekend :-)

Also if there's anyone with a feel for building fences I have quite a few to be done in the yard to keep the dogs out so would be happy if you want to come and do that before the outdoor planting season starts.

some delays

The fileserver is still not finished and the eV document still sits with us as other problems have had to take priority. We hope to pick them up again this month.

Visiting and Volunteering

We are happy if you want to come and help with the upkeep of the house, mainly cleaning, chopping wood and renovation work even if it's only for a weekend. Volunteering spaces for Febraury are limited, so let us know your dates and we can check our calendar.


Below you'll find a run down of all the events happening online and onsite at the mill during February, March and April for your calendars.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the events or even suggestions for topics for the events we have already listed below.

Onsite at Kuckucksmühle:

Important: In order for us to plan sleeping spaces, food etc. please book your space by email


1st to 3rd - IT meetup
8th to 10th - Weekend Deceleration
12th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
26th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


1st to 3rd - IT meetup
8th to 10th - Weekend Deceleration
12th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
26th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


5th to 7th - IT meetup
12th to 14th - Weekend Deceleration
9th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
23rd 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


Every Monday @9pm to 10pm: powerplant weekly meetings
12th February @8.30pm to 10pm: Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting
14th February @8.30pm to 10pm: Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting
26th February @8.30pm to 10pm: Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting
12th March @4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
14th March @8.30pm to 10pm: Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting
26th March @4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
9th April @4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
11th April @8.30pm to 10pm: Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting
23rd April @4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp

Organise your own event

We are also open to offering the space to other like minded groups or individuals to organise their own events so if you want to explore this further contact us.

Much love
Aimee xx

p.s. some personal news

Apart from all the work I do for Eco Hacker Farm and Kuckucksmühle I am also coordinating the content review effort for hackerspaces.org and helping a group of people to reopen the organic shop in Wittstock - more exciting news on that next month.

Activism and social change are only possible if I do not have to worry about my basic expenses being covered. If you have work for me in the form of: blog writing, editing, web development, project management, events organiser, permaculture workshops and seminars or anything else which you think I will be good at then let me know. If you want to support me directly you can do so through patreon I have just set it up so bear with me, it will look better when I add more content to it. Alternatively you can email me directly to talk about this or use my paypal.