It's taking me some time to get used to the project management system even though I put together the flowchart of the tasks as I'm working through the tasks myself I tend to skip steps in the process. I realise that as soon as there are other involved this won't be practical so I try to follow the drawn flow chart and keep the agreed steps.

I'm trying to log as much of the tasks in order to keep track of some items in order for example to know how long it takes on average for a garlic to go from seedling to be ready for transplant in the garden. Also it keeps me on track with the tasks that I've been procrastinating for a while now. Transplanting the citrus seeds for example... managed to go to the next step today at least.

Also I realise much to my amusement that instead of calling me silly when I send him an email Franz likes to reply..."I think this is a user issue...." maybe with a humorous wink after it... haha yes sadly I know I'm silly. I try to downplay it by saying something cute but what can I say.... I'm one silly user. haha