hello friends :-)

October is almost over the autumn has colored the leaves gold and red, September and October were quite fast months and in this time we also managed to do a few things.

From the garden

The harvest continued, we made apple juice, dried herbs, apple slices, dried plums. We also harvested walnuts and rosehips.

Our farm animals

Jaguar , Apache and Luna were all flea infested. We have been trying to deal with the infestation but it is proving hard to beat at the moment.

Podha, Black and Moomoo are as great as always, it's time to get Moomoo into his jacket again as the temperatures get quite low at night.

We lost one more duckling, the three ducklings we have left look well and they look like adult ducks now. The adult ducks, Daisy, Kiwi, Phantomias & George are also doing well. We haven't had any duck eggs in a while and maybe that's because they are laying elsewhere and the rats have been profiting. In any case we plan to move the animals to the yard in winter so we should figure out whether this is location dependent or just because Kiwi is too old to lay.

The four new chickens are doing very well and have started laying. Chickpea, Mangold & Eggplant are doing well and continue to be productive.

The food bill for the birds has doubled and is now Eur2 per day. If you wish to support us by feeding the birds you can do so by buying a bag here or making a donation.

The rabbits grew big and the food in the garden was finished and so it was time to slaughter them, it was sad but they had a good life and we will use all the parts of animals. We will be eating them for our Christmas dinner.

Completed some big tasks:

  • Moved the teepee canvas indoors for the winter
  • Produced 60ltrs of apple juice
  • Put in 5 sleeping spaces in the volunteers dorm
  • Renovated the small sleeping room into a double (will be renting this room for short stays)

Outstanding big tasks to be done before winter:

  • Replace the windows on the street facing side of the mill (massive capital cost to be funded from the property pot)
  • Painting the renters house windows - the work has already started and we would like to finish before the winter

We need / want:

  • bedsheets (used are ok but without holes) - esp bottom sheets
  • bed side tables
  • bed side lamps
  • curtain railings (wood)
  • bed frames (singles if possible) / or even better, bunk beds
  • pillows

Click here for the full list.

Upcoming Events & visits

We are happy if you want to come and help with winter preparation tasks, cleaning up the house to get rid of the flea issue, getting wood from the forest and generally making the place more welcoming. Volunteering spaces are available, so let us know your dates and we can check our calendar.

As you can see below I have included dates in November and December so you can plan ahead :-)

If you have suggestions for events or would like to be involved in planning events with me for next year I would love your ideas, help and input. I will also add a page on the wiki for event ideas and proposed dates so that we can have lots of nice events next year to get together.


English class in exchange for help: Mondays 10am till noon (in the kitchen)

IT Meetup: 2nd to 4th November

Weekend deceleration: 23rd to 25th November

freeCodeCamp: 13th & 27th November (4pm to 6pm online)


English class in exchange for help: Mondays 10am till noon (in the kitchen)

IT Meetup: 7th to 9th December

Weekend deceleration: 14th to 16th December

freeCodeCamp: 11th December (4pm to 6pm online)

We have some visitors for Christmas, if you would like to come please let me know if advance.

Presenting our project to the world:

MetaNook 2018 - 9th November (presentation)

Emergent Berlin 2018 - 16th November (presentation)

Bits & Bäume - 17th & 18th November (networking opportunity)

35C3 - 26th to 30th December (assembly & self organised talk)

Know of more events where we could promote / share our project? - Let me know.

Much love
Aimee xxx