Hello all,

It was a glorious summer, warm and sunny and I loved it :-) The area near the swing has become a nice hangout space with temporary access to electricity for our laptops, we sunbathe, program and relax looking over the corn field.

From the garden

The harvest continues, we made cucumber relish, pickled cucumber, cucumber cake & cupcakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, tomato salsa, kale and yogurt dip, mangold and yogurt dip, kale chips, tsatsiki (cucumber with yogurt), plum and apple juice and jam, mirabelle jam... the shelves are slowly but surely filling up with our own produce and thus reducing our shopping bill and giving us also nice products to share with our neighbors and friends.

Our farm animals

Jaguar and Apache the two energetic kittens are growing up fast and the rest of the kittens have gone to their new homes. Luna the cat work hard to bring home the mice to feed the hungry cats but I think they will soon do their own hunting.

Podha, Black and Moomoo are as great as always, Podha is very happy the intense heat is over.

We lost one more duckling, the five ducklings we have left look well and we expect the eldest of them to start changing feathers in the next months. The adult ducks, Daisy, Kiwi, Fantomias & George are also doing well however we haven't seen any duck eggs since the ducklings were born, we hope that Kiwi starts laying again soon.

The four new chickens are doing very well and after a couple of days of training to go into the coop at night, they now go in there on their own. They haven't started laying yet but they are young and some it will take maybe a couple more months for them to become productive. Chickpea, Mangold & Eggplant are doing well and continue to be productive.

Thanks very much to the people who participated in the sponsor a chicken campaign we collected around Eur 70, the new chickens cost Eur 8 each and the rest went towards the food.

The food bill for the birds has doubled and is now Eur2 per day.

EHF Labs: Fünfseen

The melon plants did well and considering the seeds came from a supermarket melon in Spain we had quite a good success rate. The melons are small but very sweet. We have been asked if we want to keep the space and grow winter vegetables. I feel at this time that I am not able to dedicate this project enough time to make it more productive, having said that I would welcome help with this and if you feel that you have time to help with this I am happy to support you.

The trip to the greenhouse and back cost around Eur10 and so I need to be able to justify the time and petrol cost into the mix. I think the space is great and I would still like to finish the set up for the irrigation so that Aaron can also use it and maybe if we have the opportunity to pick this up again early spring next year if possible.

Completed some big tasks:

  • Moved the compost toilet and closed the compost pile - looking forward to using the humanure next year
  • Renovated the volunteer dorm which is versatile and can host 4 people (2 double beds in there at the moment which I would like to change to 4 singles)
  • Grouted the mouse holes shut around the renters house

Outstanding big tasks to be done before winter:

  • Replace the windows on the street facing side of the mill (massive capital cost to be funded from the property pot)
  • Painting the renters house windows - the work has already started and we would like to finish the north side before the winter

**We need / want: **

  • a functioning chainsaw
  • bedsheets (used are ok but without holes) - esp bottom sheets
  • bed side tables
  • bed side lamps
  • curtain railings (wood)
  • bed frames (singles if possible)
  • pillows

Click here for the full list.

Upcoming Events & visits

Harvest season is here and we are happy if you want to come and help with preservation of crops for the winter, we have cucumbers, tomatoes, elderberries, plums, apples, mangold etc. We want to make juices, sauces and preserves to be used in winter when we have no fresh veg. If the rooms are full we may ask you if you would like to camp or sleep in the attic. As usual it's nice to keep visits to when we have events if you can.


IT Meetup: 7 - 9 September book here

Weekend deceleration: 14 - 16 September book here

Free Market Sundays: 16th September - 1pm till 4pm - no booking needed - the last Frohmarkt for this year!

freeCodeCamp: 4 & 18 September no booking needed 16:00 to 19:00


IT Meetup: 5 - 7 October book here

Weekend deceleration: 12 - 14 October book here

freeCodeCamp: 16 & 30 October no booking needed 16:00 to 19:00

Much love

Aimee xxx