dear friends :-)

It has been such a pleasure to host travellers and dreamers all this last year and a half, together we had impromptu road trips, camping trips, rescue missions, karaoke, new year celebrations, jam sessions, workshops, philosophical discussions, shared experiences and had many wonderful lunches & dinners. You brought life and inspiration to my house and my heart and for that I am forever grateful.

You were there to hear all about my dreams and encouraged me to make them happen. :-) - I have finally taken the plunge and quit my job. I will be focusing my time and energy to learn and teach permaculture, add value to an Eco Community - Kuckucksmuehle- they accept visitors there too if you'd like to come to see me :-D, I'll be doing what I do best and that which makes me happy.

Now I kindly ask you for your help.

I/We (at Veintidos) have around Eur 1,187.30 in expenses (more info on those here: between now and the 26th of April when I fly over to Berlin.

In order to raise the funds I will be:
a. holding events
b. reducing my costs as much as possible
c. seek to sell / trade some of my possessions
d. try to find short term rentals for the spare rooms

You can help me in various ways :-)

  1. make a donation to Eco Hacker Farm and they will pass the money on to me - even small amounts starting from a few euros help a great deal :-)

  2. attend the events if you can or recommend them to others who may be interested - you can invite others through CS events / FB - or come help with the running of the event

  3. buy / trade with us and share with any friends who may be interested - this page will be enhanced with more info soon :-D

  4. recommend my place to friends who are looking for budget accommodation in the area through airbnb

  5. come and see me for emotional / moral support (if you can cover your expenses during that time I would be grateful suggested donation of Eur 13 p/night includes accommodation, food, wifi and small contribution towards the bills)

  6. send me an encouraging message :-)

Thanks ever so much for your support,
much love
Aimee xxxxx

PS I will keep you posted on my progress here, on FB, on the and keep the veintidos updated as I go along