As Eco Hacker Farm, Veintidos and Kuckucksmuehle all expand and more people get involved with the different projects at different levels and at different frequencies I find myself defining and stepping up my pace to answer questions, exploring new perspectives and considering new areas of growth.

Every person that gets involved, asking questions, expressing ideas, fuels the continuous positive evolution towards self discovery and evolution of the definitions linked with our ideals within the projects and within myself.

Recently I was reading articles on the success and failures of intentional communities, as I have a personal vested interest in expanding my knowledge on the topic and also a keen curiosity into the psychology that makes one work or fail. It seems from my research that intentional communities to be successful it's important that community members feel that:

  • they share ideals with the rest of the community
  • they want and do collaborate, sharing of resources & costs
  • have their need/s for self-fulfillment & personal aspirations recognised and at least partly met by virtue of overlap with the community goals

I feel that this could be somewhat accurate even if perhaps simplistic. I also feel that being clear about personal expectations is important and so it being mindful of one's effect on people around them.

Just like in any relationship, behaviour and communication styles can clash, so do strong convictions and personal beliefs but it is better to lay these down early on for discussion. Pussy footing around issues certainly doesn't help resolve them. Finding ways to work well with others can be a challenge if there is little or no flexibility, non disclosure of expectations and absolutism.

As I passively look for a suitable community in Spain where I'd be able to continue what I had started at Veintidós at least during the winter, running events, teaching permaculture and be able to travel to and from the community.I am now more than ever conscious of how difficult it can be to find a community that fits my needs and expectations, however every community I research teaches me something new, exposes me to a different perspective thus widening and sometimes challenging my perspective.