As I work full time in quite a stressful job it is sometimes hard for me to manage both my job and my volunteers at the same time. Having conversations over dinner on what has been done during the day works to both keep me updated and also know what needs to be done next. Most jobs at the moment are progressive which means they're mostly chain reactive, one job follows another, mostly in an obvious logical way, but not always, especially if the persons have no experience.

So today they learned how to transplant trees, tomorrow we'll start the new seedlings which I've already shown how to do in the simplest possible way. There's also additional transplanting to do and building of the trellis but it's best to do one job at a time.

Today they transplanted the new olive tree and the berry tree, I wasn't so sure about the final location they picked for them but I also realise that if I'm going to be picky then I'd either need to be here to supervise or be more specific with the instructions. In any case the location is fine. The berry I expect will grow quite fast and will need to be kept in check. Whilst the olive will provide needed shelter from the summer sun. It is the perfect spot to build a seat to admire the garden and it comes with the bonus of a glimpse of see to the left, which turns out makes the spot even better than I would have done it.

Having a to do list helps keeping the volunteers and track and being able to teach them the why and how we do things really ensures that they take away something from the experience. I also note that I need the days off just like the volunteers so it is important that I take time for myself to recharge my batteries.