At Kuckucksmühle volunteers do more than just work, they also participate in parties and workshops. One such workshop was held in November. During the workshop we helped to bake bread and make delicious vegetarian pizza.

At first it was necessary to take care of the huge brick oven in the bakery. We had to make a little fire inside the oven two nights before the event, if we just had a big fire without preparation the oven would crack. During all the morning we were bringing the wood and small trees to warm the oven for baking bread, first time we even didn’t manage to stick some trees inside.

In the end we warmed up the oven to 700 degrees. The air inside was red-hot so much
so that when Franz carefully opened the flap we saw it moving. The oven looked like a little hell.

There was a really nice guy from Spain – Jordi. He used to work as a cook for 3 years, so he knew almost everything about making pizza. He told that if you put cheese on top it will certainly get burned, and if you put a lot of ingredients, a pizza won’t be baked.

For a couple of days before the event Jordi and me had made a special tool, so it was easy to put a pizza inside the oven and get it back. It must has looked exactly the same as he used in his hometown in Catalonia. When the oven was heated well the preparation of pizza took less than two minutes, sometimes we even didn't have enough time to put all stuff on the next piece of dough.

After cooking pizza we started to bake bread. Aimee prepared greatly, the day before the party she kneaded a lot of dough, it seemed she used 15 kg of flour. After all we baked bread for the week ahead, we even froze some loafs.

For a dessert we had the pies from Regina. Regina is a neighbor of Franz and Aimee.
She made 2 fancy apple pies, one of them was with goat milk and the other with cow milk. It was delicious.

The results of the party:

We learned how to make authentic Spanish pizza in the oven and how to make bread;
We had a really tasty meal;

A great time in the cozy bakery, despite the fact that the whole day was raining.