Since I last wrote here we had a storm which at the time seemed like strong winds and not much to worry about and then later we realised it had been much worse than we thought as we counted the fallen trees around us. I was blissfully ignorant of it and went about doing the shopping as normal only to see on the way back that a very large tree had collapsed on the road blocking the way home. It was then that I realised dying crushed under a tree could be a possibility here after all.

Thankfully none of our building suffered from a fallen tree but we did lose one of the biggest trees that was on the edge of the creek. There is nothing like damage caused by a storm to remind you of the incredible power of the elements. The tree majestic as it stood the day before was now lying across the peninsula. It took considerable time to chainsaw enough of it away so that we could go through again.

Chainsaw work is not for everyone. At least not for me yet. It would be useful to attend a course so that I could help if not with the larger trunks the smaller ones.

Four birch trees on the bank of the stream were dragged back lifting as they went the bank and making the creek twice as wide as it was before. I think the bank will come back a little when the trunks are chainsawed off.

Behind the bakery was the most impressive damage of all. Three huge trees had broken trunks and collapsed in the forest. One can only stand in awe.

The wood can be cleared from the forest. The teepee had a narrow escape with a cracked branch from a tree above it and needs to be moved away from danger. We will probably need an expert to come and chainsaw off the offending branch.

With this storm our wood pile is a little larger and the wood fence a little bit closer to being finished.