Garden & Resources

The seeds have arrived and we have already started planting, if you want to follow the progress on this you can visit our garden page that documents what it going on there. Also some flowers that I have planted back at the end of the season last year are sprouting in the mandala garden, I am super happy to see the effort paying off. I was planting broad beans and peas and noticed that our soil still needs more time to recover even though it is looking a little better than last year. Something to research and think about as we go on with the planting in the next month.

We had a few days of heavy labor when it was time to get the wood from the forest, this involved chainsawing large trunks and carrying / lifting heavy wood pieces onto a trailer and back to the house. The wood still needs to be split and stored for drying. This saves us money as it would cost much more to buy dry wood to use for heating in the heating period. We will get the splitting machine after easter and get this done.

After my suggestion to start a monthly meeting with the people around the area the woman who coordinates or wants to coordinate the food sharing effort in this area organised the first food sharing meeting in Wittstock. Franz has registered and has been trying to promote it to the people in the area. I am still to do their test (its hard in german). The next meeting is already scheduled so will report back next month about the progress.

Farm animals

We are sad to tell you that Rhubarb (one of the younger chickens) died, unfortunately the chickens had gotten into the habit of going in and out of their area which seemed ok with the dogs until it wasn't (we were all out making wood in the forest) and one has a bit of a broken leg (which is now healing) whilst the other lost its life. In the next month we would like to finish the summer coop that Brio started last year and get more chickens (maybe 3 or 4 more) - the idea is to move them out of the yard in the warmer months.

Funding, Finance & Services

We received news that our EU funding application done last year was rejected. This was a little sad but also somewhat expected, it was our first time and we have learned some lessons in relation to these kind of applications so we may have better luck next time.

In the meantime our low cash flow situation continues but gets a little better as we have a little paid work. Temporary at the moment but we'll see.

Our services pages are booming and now you can employ us to do a variety of things:

Please feel free to recommend us to your contacts :-)

Also in line with this theme we have set up a project called Income Generation Project, we (Robert & me) meet once a week to actively work on money making ideas and tasks. The idea is not to limit the action to this meeting but to provide dedicated time to do this amidst the other million things that we have to do.

On line projects

One of the volunteers staying here recommended a time bank website called Time Republic, we tested it out for updating the wiki translations and creating translations for pages that didn't have any. This resulted in the identification of a need to set up some documentation in order for people to become familiar with the systems we use and also have a process that ensures that we don't duplicate efforts. So there is now an official Translations Project on the PMS and a Guide on the wiki. If you feel inclined to participate please do :-)

Upcoming events

freeCodeCamp - 3rd & 17th April - 4pm till 6pm - No booking required feel free to just turn up

IT Meetup - 6th to 8th April - please let us know if you are coming by completing the croodle

Weekend Deceleration - 13th to 15th April - please let us know if you are coming by completing the croodle

Do you have anything to share with us? News or maybe items you no longer need?

I would love to hear from you :-)