I've wanted to start a project at my house for a while now but I wanted to have a good idea about how I'd like that to work before I started.

I already had some experience with workaway vounteers and have one at the moment working on leveling some parts of the garden to make it more accessible as it's a steep slope. The arrangement works well but I'd like to involve the community more perhaps with a mixture of people staying and learning permaculture and also help with the implementation of ideas put forward by the online community.

There is a lot of potential projects that are available for people to help with, rain catchment, grey water recycling, composting, companion planting, urban planting solutions that can be used for the roof terrace and also the two balconies and many more.

The property is rented so structural changes won't be possible and therefore there will be some good challenges for the community to content with.

I'm still undecided between a facebook page or a group, for discussion purposes perhaps it would be good to have a group.