It's really good to be starting a blog for this project. Since we (Franz & myself) starting talking about it in January just a couple months back we've been working on defining it and slowly putting together the first pieces of the puzzle to get things started.

We started with a simple one page document outlining the ideals behind the idea, a simple list that would serve as a starting point to build a definition of the project.

As we talk about different aspects of the project the initial idea slowly evolved into the definition you can view here.

Since we set up the facebook page we've been sharing links that we come across that are the result of research on particular topics or that we found interesting and relevant. We also set up an account on Twitter and Google+. It has been really good to connect with others who share the same interests and share or comment on our posts.

It is particularly encouraging that people are contacting us to get to know more about the project and to share their experience with us.

The blog is a good place to document what's been happening and the progress we are making.