I haven't been writing as much as I would like to but I want to start again, or at least that is the intention.

We have been busy here with everyday tasks and there are a lot of unfinished projects that need to be done before winter, because yes winter is coming and it is no joke haha

The attic roof leeks when there is heavy rain, the compost toilet hasn't been oiled yet to protect it from the rain, the heating oven needs attention, the heating pipes need to be insulated.... etc. etc.

It occurs to me that it is hard for someone that isn't here and isn't registered on the project management system to understand what is going on here beyond the very public weekend events. It would be useful to document this at least once a week.

And so watch this space for weekly updates on what we have been working on :-)

What happened this week:

  • solve the lack of eggs from the chickens by setting up a more rigid chicken house cleaning schedule and rearranging the nest box
  • finished the association document draft for the founding members to sign
  • PM meeting focusing on priority of tasks
  • cleaning and making order in the house (expected to continue all month)

Planned for next week:

  • Update accounting summary on the wiki
  • cleaning and making order in the house (expected to continue all month)
  • signing of the association document
  • start to paint the windows
  • oiling of the compost toilets

Do you want to come and help?