Since I kicked the habit of shopping and reduced greatly my belongings I thought I didn't own much. Yeah, well. After giving away 2 big bags of clothes it turns out I still have stuff to get rid of. Admittedly not a lot but still.

My backpack would be a lot emptier without the guitar that doesn't fit in the suitcase by a few cms. Well. Let's hope I'm not overweight.

The case contains:

  • 15 meter extension cable with 4 sockets
  • seeds
  • a trowel that was a gift to me
  • my comfort blanket
  • 2* sleeping mats
  • craft supplies
  • 2 man tent
  • tent repair kit
  • clothes & underwear
  • 1* guitar amp
  • 4* multi-plugs
  • documents

I struggled to close it and now have to put the rest in my backpack:

  • more clothes
  • 1* travel towel
  • 1* travel electric guitar

.... 1 more working day :-D