I almost can't believe that I am writing the February updates already, we had a few snow covered days here and now its all melting again.

The seed pool collection had 5 donators and I cannot thank them enough for their support. The total collected was €62.50 Here is the list of seeds bought from the organic shop:

Flower mix / Essbare-Blüten-Mix,
Nasturium / Kapuzinerkresse
Borage / Borretsch
Garlic / Knoblauchsrauke
Spinach / Neuseeländer Spinat
Guter Heinrich
Onions / Winterheckenzwiebel
Red corn / Erdbeermais
Sweet corn / Bunter Zuckermais-Mix
Cucumber / Gurke „Znojmia“
Cucumber / Gurke „Alte Deutsche“
Kale / Braunkohl „Rote Palme“
Markstammkohl, Prignitzer
Soy beans / Sojabohne „Funke“
Dicke Bohne „Grootbohne“
Aubergine / Aubergine „Frühviolette“
Schalerbse „Nordost Frühe Grüne“
Paprika / Peperoni
Chamomile / Echte Kamille
Bird mix / Der Vogel-Mix

We also have quite a bit of seeds donated and left over / saved from last year and hopefully these should be enough.

There are €12.50 left for extras that we may need during the season, I also would like to get some herb plants. If you would still like to donate money into this pot the money will be used to purchase more seeds that we need during the season and anything left over will go into trees for the community fruit forest garden.

In the meantime for the garden - the planting schedule will be updated in the next few days and we will get started with the indoor planting the last week of February.

If you would like to stay for some time during March at the moment we have free volunteer spaces, they are limited so let us know asap if you would like to come. Conditions are here

As our finances dwindle we may need to revise the current visiting conditions but in the meantime please keep this in mind when you visit. If you would like to make a donation please do

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