To be truly a self sufficient and sustainable community we are working towards sourcing *most of the food we consume. There are various motivations for this.

  • we produce food without chemicals and pesticides so it is more healthy
  • our impact on the environment is diminished
  • the soil is regenerated using natural permaculture methods so when we stop farming the land is left enriched
  • the community needs less money to buy from outside sources

Why do I say most and not all. We are limited in space and it won't be possible to grow grains for example we recognise that for our diet to be healthy it needs to be varied. For these products there is still work needed to find a local and preferably organic source. That's a discussion for another day.

Garden planning for this year has increased our farmed land by over 100%, the plan is to further increase this next year. Last year the produce was nice and included some variety this year we have increased the variety, the quantity and hopefully it will be the first year we are able to measure how much we produce and therefore consume.

This is important to establish the amount of produce vs the amount of labour required. It will also provide us with an indication as to how many people the grounds are able to support. We should also be able to somewhat approximate the amount of harvest for the amount of land we have. This makes planning easier.

Weighing the produce will provide at least part of the information we need to arrive at a conclusion. The time labouring will be logged on the PMS.

I think we will need to set up a weighing station with scales and a log book or perhaps to avoid the duplication of work a digital user friendly device for this purpose at the weighing station. So I start a detailed ticket (now trying to practice my ticket writing skills). We'll see what the other community members make of it and whether we can invest some time and money in the idea.