The open day at Veintidós was a great success!

We met new nice people and returning visitors to the project. We covered questions in relation to the ever increasing risk of drought in the region, how to conserve water, how to compete naturally with the weeds without the use of chemicals.

There was also an interesting discussion about how to introduce the idea of polyculture, mulching, no tilling, no chemicals ideas to people who are resistant simply because they are reluctant to change. This isn't really a discussion about farming as much as it is a discussion about psychology. I'd like to explore this topic a lot more. The suggestion I made was to start small, often people feel that big plots can only be managed using the industrialised way because it would otherwise require a lot more work, they feel that the risk is too high, there is fear of failure involved, uncertainty, what if we have a failed crop. By starting small people will feel more inclined to try, experiment as they feel that the risk is a lot smaller.

This would have to be followed up with support, dealing with failed experiments and also provide guidance when needed.

More about this in future for sure :)