Dear friends :-)

I hope that the weather is treating you kindly wherever you are. Here the frost makes the ground and the garden look magical. As I walk to the oven the grass crunches under my feet. We have been busy and productive.

New volunteers @The Global Hobos have arrived and they blog!

From the garden

The last of the apples have been collected, more apple slices made and the garden beds have been mulched. I keenly await to harvest our first ever winter crop - Brussels sprouts hopefully in time for our Christmas dinner.

Flowers have also been planted and the garden article has been updated. The seed stocklist is being worked on and planning the next season planting will start in January 2019.

Our farm animals

Jaguar , Apache and Luna - the cats are now living in the garden until we know for sure that the flea infestation is over. This was really a lot of hard and exhausting work.

Podha, Black and Moomoo - the dogs, are as great as always, they have enjoyed the odd rat hunt, running and digging.

The ducks are still not laying despite having been moved to the yard. I am hoping that at least one of the new ducks is a female so she can start to lay soon. In general they love being on the yard with their straw bales and happy as ever when it rains.

The fox got 3 chickens and so we are back down to four chickens which we also moved in the yard for the winter to avoid further casualties. They are doing very well and are laying.

Completed some big tasks:

  • Completed the flea decontamination
  • Installed hot water in the kitchen
  • Cleaning out and reorganizing the pantry
  • Brought back the wood from the forest, chopping and stacking ongoing
  • Fixed the broken door in the bar
  • MetaNook 2018 - 9th November (presentation) - watch the video!
    Emergent Berlin 2018 - 16th November (presentation)
  • Preparations for 35c3 are underway

Outstanding tasks to be done this year:

  • Put in a heated pipe around the dorm
  • 35C3 - 26th to 30th December (assembly, self organised talk, hackathon...)
  • Finish the repairs on the automated chicken coop door

Upcoming Events & visits

We are happy if you want to come and help with the upkeep of the house, mainly cleaning, chopping wood and renovation work. Volunteering spaces are available, so let us know your dates and we can check our calendar.

You can see below our plans for 2019.

If you have suggestions for events or would like to be involved in planning events with me for next year I would love your ideas, help and input. I will also add a page on the wiki for event ideas and proposed dates so that we can have lots of nice events next year to get together.


  • IT Meetup: 21st to 23rd December
  • freeCodeCamp: 11th December (4pm to 6pm online)

We have some visitors for Christmas, if you would like to come please let me know if advance.


We want to connect with other projects / promote our project with others - know of more events where we could promote / share our project? - Let me know.

Plans for 2019

Events - Calendar

Dates for events are only an indication and may move closer to the date depending on what comes up / emergencies / changes of plans... I will however try to give you a couple of months notice before anything changes from the calendar

  • Monthly - IT Meetup
  • Monthly - Weekend deceleration ... I would like to change the name of this event to describe more like a working together (see long list of renovation tasks) and hanging out weekend...suggestions welcome
  • Bi-monthly - freeCodeCamp
  • 3x Free Market Sundays in the Summer
  • Annual - Young coders summer camp
  • Biennial - festival (friends and friends of friends) - August/September (date tbc) (do you have name suggestions / want to join the orga team / express your artistic side / run a workshop / have ideas etc.) - great! ping me an email back)


  • finish the dorm renovation
  • fence the beds for cultivation in the yard to keep the dogs out
  • replace lead pipe in the kitchen
  • repair roof of the rental house
  • repainting windows of the rental house
  • repaint the bathroom walls (over the bath and facing the yard)
  • replace old windows of the main house
  • replace / repair pantry floor
  • replace sink counter in the kitchen
  • repair roof of the left house
  • rebuild the collapsing wall on the right side of the yard

We need / want:

  • skilled volunteers (wood work / building)
  • people who want to bring value to the project (you, yes you :-) ! ) - even the toughest of renovations needs all kinds of skills to succeed
  • bedsheets (used are ok but without holes) - esp bottom sheets
  • bed side tables
  • bed side lamps
  • curtain railings (wood)
  • bed frames (singles if possible) / or even better, bunk beds
  • pillows

Click here for the full list.

Thank you all for your support and help during this year :-) I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

Much love
Aimee xxx