Summer is flying past and as per last week we scramble to get stuff done in preparation for winter, but I will get to that in a moment. In the meantime we made new friends, welcomed our new housemate and tried to figure out why Eggplant feels broody and sits all day on the ping pong balls. There are no weekdays and weekends here, everyday is different.

What happened this week:

  • new housemate moved in
  • went to talk to the tax office about the association document for them to check before we get the founding members to sign
  • first unofficial house meeting discussing sharing food cost and personal boundaries
  • cleaning and making order in the house (expected to continue all month)
  • living room renovation started
  • carpet taken out
  • wall paper stripped
  • loam applied for repairs needed
  • Updated accounting summary on the wiki
  • we went to a party

Planned for the coming week:

Do you want to come and help? We need volunteers!