written by Sam Webb

Today I have begun planning to host an event at Veintidos. It’s the first time and I’m both nervous and excited. I’m looking forward to gathering together a group of people to have some fun with one of my favourite things - food.

Being a virgin event planner for the project there are many challenges to overcome and the planned event is ambitious. I’m going to need to promote the event well by engaging the interest of potential participants with a good description. Get everyone who is involved organised. Make plans to have the house ready and have all the necessary preparations carried out.

The flavour of the event is a creative cooking workshop. Working with an idea from a UK charity project called Food Cycle, we would like to collect surplus food that would go to waste from local shops and invite people to come cook a delicious Sunday meal with it. We will try to encourage participation, discussion and enjoyment. Hopefully we can get someone to bring an instrument or pick up the guitar.

Aside from getting attendees to the event we will need to make sure the house is clean and ready and very importantly we need to ensure we successfully obtain something to cook with. The latter is the biggest challenge, not because it should be difficult but because it takes the courage to go out and talk to people asking for their help. I am going to have to conquer some fear to go and talk - potentially in Spanish - to shop owners, making what might come across to any business minded person as a bit of a cheeky and unusual request ‘please may we have what you are throwing away.’ I think I should start my investigations early so I can guarantee success!

This is a great opportunity for myself and Mary who is helping organise and run the event to share something that we feel strongly about. It’s about sharing food, reducing waste, being creative with what is available and building community between people. The event is also a great way to promote the project and raise some donations to keep the project going.

The first thing we did was to come up with an event title. This sent us on a funny little excursion around various translations of a phrase which we in the end decided was ambiguous in just the right kind of way. I think the translation of the full event description into Spanish for Facebook, meetup and couchsurfing should be done in a much more careful way… Time to enlist some help!!!

Links to the event: meetup fb cs wiki